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JK9®Mantrailing harness

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Product Description



for mantrailing

The innovative JK9®Mantrailing harness has now received a new design as well as additional functionalities. During the development of the JK9®Mantrailing harness, our primary goal was to create a professional harness that satisfies all needs; those of mantrailing associations and rescue dogs as well as anyone else pursuing mantrailing at a hobby level.

and efficiency

One of the most spectacular developments of the new generation JK9®Mantrailing harness is the narrower and ergonomically better fitting chest pad.

Innovative, elastic
leash connector

The special feature of the JK9®Mantrailing harness is the patented elastic leash connector, which has already been successfully proven to effectively dampen unwanted, sudden tugs while searching, thus helping the dog during work.

Easier use,


The JK9®Mantrailing harness has been a great success among professional mantrailing and rescue dog handlers, so an improved version of the harness has been developed based on practical experience. Thanks to the innovations, the harness has now become even more comfortable for the dog, while making its use even easier.

Neck circumference
Chest circumference
28-40 cm / 11-15.5 in
44-60 cm / 17-23.5 in
7-12 kg / 15.5-26.5 lbs
36-46 cm / 14-18 in
50-71 cm / 19.5-28 in
10-20 kg / 22-44 lbs
40-52 cm / 15.5-21 in
63-85 cm / 24.5-33.5 in
18-32 kg / 40-70 lbs
50-70 cm / 19.5-27.5 in
70-96 cm / 27.5-38 in
30-50 kg / 66-110 lbs

Tailored to
your needs

Reflective fibres have been added to the neck straps in order to increase the visibility of the UV orange harness. A black version of the harness was also created at the specific request of law enforcement agencies.


Adapting to the dog's movement, the JK9®Mantrailing harness consists of three main parts: the neck element, back element and chest pad. The straps at the neck and chest are fastened with buckles, making it easier to put on and remove the harness. Due to its construction, the size of the harness can be adjusted at five different points, so it can be completely tailored to a dog's body.

and experience

The JK9®Mantrailing harness was created based on the experience of those actively pursuing mantrailing and has been perfected to better meet the needs of working dogs and their owners.


High-visibility reflective elements

New, more ergonomic chest padding

Easy to put on and take off

Customizable with interchangeable hook-and-loop patches

Developed together with mantrailing professionals

Made in the EU using German materials

Continuous load testing and innovation

Over 20 years of experience in dog harness development


Applying the JK9®Mantrailing harness

When applying the JK9®Mantrailing harness you can hold the dog between your feet with your knees in front of the dog’s hind legs. In case she’s uncomfortable with this, you can also put the harness on from standing beside her. If the dog is not disturbed by pulling the dog harness over her head, it is sufficient to unfasten only the two buckles of the back element in order to apply the harness. The strap connecting the neck element to the chest padding is to be pulled over the head so that the neck and back elements rest on the dog’s back and the chest padding is flat against the chest. Finally, the two rear buckles are to be attached to the back element.
In case the dog does not like it when the harness being pulled over its head, the former can be done with such a difference that one of the buckles belonging to the neck element is also opened before the application.

Adjusting the JK9®Mantrailing harness

Due to its structure, the JK9®Mantrailing harness can be fully customizable. Adjust the straps leading to the neck element so that the upper edge of the chest padding is at the tibia and the padding is flat against the chest. At the distance between the neck and the back element, make sure that the hoop is not behind the line of the two hind legs of the dog. Slide the back element so far back that the back straps of the chest pad do not obstruct the front legs. The straps should be tight enough to allow your palm to fit under the back part, but don’t let it get too loose, as this may cause the harness to move sideways while working.
In a standing position, the harness may seem too loose — the adjustable bridge element, neck element, and back element may slip a little — but this will resolve itself as soon as the dog starts moving and pulls forward. All the straps and elements will then be in place.
For proper use of the harness and comfort of the dog, proper sizing and accurate adjustment are highly important.
The JK9®Mantrailing harness is not suitable for casual wear, hiking or dog running. It has been developed specifically for search work, where the dog always moves on a tight leash in front of its owner. For walks in urban areas we recommend the IDC®Powerharness, and for longer excursions the IDC®Longwalk harness.

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Customer Reviews (5)

Spettacolo davvero molto utile Review by Dario Gaspare
Overall rating
Libertà di movimento al nostro amico
Abbinamento al guinzaglio da jogging top
Per escursioni passeggiata jogging
Davvero molto comodo per noi e libertà di movimento per il nostro amico
Consiglio a tutti voi di passare giornate indimenticabili con il nostro amico (Posted on 28/01/2023)
Zeer comfortabel speurtuigReview by Gert
Overall rating
Handig om aan te passen aan de lichaamsbouw van jouw hond. Gemakkelijk aan en uit te doen. Zit zeer comfortabel tijdens het speuren. (Posted on 30/07/2022)
ottima pettorinaReview by Argo
Overall rating
Buonasera, ho il modello precedente da 3 anni e va che è na meraviglia, sarei interessato acquisto modello nuovo taglia L-XL nero; cosi da inter cambiare col fluo modello vecchio (lavo uno....ho l'altro). Come fare per avere taglia L-XL nero, modello nuovo? Grazie per l'attenzione.
(Posted on 05/10/2021)
Fantastic harnessReview by Jacopo
Overall rating
Really light weight, stretch resistant, easy to lock and remove, confortable for every day (Posted on 06/07/2021)
Best trailing harness out there!Review by Kait
Overall rating
I had the old model and the new model of the JK9 Mantrailing harness. The updated chest piece fits deep-chested dogs so much better!! Super easy to take on and off. Fits like a glove and it is hard for the dog to try and wiggle out of it. My trailing dog can pull hard without hurting herself. The only thing to critique is that it is not a one-size-fits-all (ex. you cannot mix/match up pieces such as the small chest piece and large back pieces, the webbing doesn't allow so). The orange/yellow is very high vis! (Posted on 11/04/2021)

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