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IDC®Longwalk Y-Harness

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Product Description


Designed for the
longest journeys

The IDC® Longwalk Y-Harness is specifically designed for extended walks, so when you get away from the city you’re not the only one to put on a convenient and healthy gear; you can give your dog the same comfort, too.


The IDC® Longwalk is designed to actively adapt to your movements. The three elastically attached rings react to both the dog’s and the owner’s motion, so Duo-Flex® makes sure that the harness is always comfortable even during the longest walks.

Neck circumference
Chest circumference
26-34 cm / 10-13 in
40-52 cm / 16-20.5 in
4-8 kg / 9-18 lbs
28-40 cm / 11-15.5 in
44-60 cm / 17-23.5 in
7-12 kg / 15-27 lbs
38-46 cm / 15-18 in
49-66 cm / 19-26 in
9-15 kg / 20-33 lbs
38-54 cm / 15-21 in
56-76 cm / 22-30 in
14-20 kg / 31-44 lbs
43-60 cm / 17-23.5 in
66-86 cm / 26-34 in
18-25 kg / 40-55 lbs
50-65 cm / 20-25.5 in
70-90 cm / 27.5-35.5 in
26-33 kg / 57-73 lbs
55-70 cm / 22-27.5 in
80-96 cm / 31.5-38 in
32-41 kg / 70-90 lbs

Active Dog,
Active Harness

The Duo-Flex® system allows the shoulder straps to constantly adapt to the dog’s movement on each step, so they only sense the harness when you want to stop or hold them back.

And your dog

Thanks to the active parts, the harness is so comfortable you don’t need to take it off even when you let your dog loose as they practically don’t feel it’s on them.

The longer you walk,
the more it benefits

The leash is also integrated into the Duo-Flex® system so when your dog suddenly jerks on it or you decide to pull them back, the active rings ensure a more gentle, dampened effect. The longer you walk, the more grateful your shoulder will be for the reduced tugging force.

Depending on the workload, the active components start moving gradually, in sync with each other.

The Duo-Flex® system is active both when the leash is taut and when you let your dog roam freely without the leash on.


IDC® Longwalk combines several innovations and developments into a harness that is truly dog- and owner-friendly. This superior quality is based on our 20 years of experience in harness design and manufacturing.



Red Dot and German Design Award-winning design and colours

Adjustable and openable straps – you can put on and take off the harness without having to pull the dog’s legs through

Hook-and-loop chest pads – the harness can be adjusted to the dog’s build and size

Neoprene lining and special internal structure – perfect fit and form

Rubberized handle for a secure grip

Reflective elements

Interchangeable custom patches

Bag attachment options

Easy to put on and use

Integrated Duo-Flex® system

Made in the EU using German materials

Continuous load testing

Product video

Customer Reviews (44)

Best Harness Ever!Review by Key2Love
Overall rating
I own a couple other Julius K-9 Power harnesses and liked those a lot but they don't compare to this new "Long Walk" harness. My dog loves this one! No more paws going over the front strap while napping. Stays nice and straight on her back while walking. I think it's a little pricey for what it is but well worth the comfort. The neck straps are fraying on the ends of the velcro which disappointed me but truly, this is a must have! (Posted on 27/03/2020)
Finally!Review by Jacqueline
Overall rating
I tried about 12-15 other harnesses for my dog - a labradoodle. NONE of the others came close to fitting her. What fit in the chest didn’t fit in the neck, and vice versa. She is deep chested but small every where else. In addition, I needed a harness that didn’t rub under her armpits. This harness checks all of the above boxes. It fits her well, doesn’t rub, and she walks normal in it. I am so happy to have finally found the perfect harness for her. Another note - I gave it 5 stars for the price because I spent a lot of time and money on other harnesses and this one is well worth its price. I find the quality to be top tier compared to the others I purchased. (Posted on 27/03/2020)
Good, but fundamental design flawsReview by Adam Zielinski
Overall rating
This is our second Julius K9 harness.

IDC Powerharness is great.

IDC Long Walk harness is a bit of a let down. Quality of the materials and the thought that went into it is second to none.
But.... few annoying things marks this otherwise good product down.

No 1 - main attachment ring - it is so thin that our leash came undone sever times. A bit no, no, no!!

No 2 - chest straps constananly become looser and looser. I have not found a way of securing them permanently, short of stiching them togehter.

Overall rating: needs some improvements. (Posted on 26/03/2020)
An excellent product for older dogsReview by Edward
Overall rating
Bought this harness for my aging dog. Works wonderful together with a elastic leash. Well Done with this product, Julius K9. (Posted on 23/03/2020)

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