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IDC®Longwalk Dog Harness LIMITED EDITION

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Product Description


Leisurely explorations, memorable adventures, outings are experiences where every quiver between you and your dog is important. That is exactly what Duo-Flex® joint-friendly system, offered to your pet and you in our IDC®Longwalk joint-friendly harness, has been developed for! Make long walks together even more pleasant!

Our scientific research has shown that during longer walks, when walking a dog on a leash, the dog’s body and that of the person walking it, may be subjected to thousands of smaller or larger tuggings. These micro-vibrations acting through the leash can result, almost unnoticeably, from the natural movement of the dog and the person, but in the longrun they can have a detrimental effect on the joints of both the dog and the owner.

IDC®Longwalk dog harness has built-in elastic elements in three places, which, following the tiniest movements, gradually come into operation depending on the force of the tuggings. This is Duo-Flex® micro-vibration absorbing system, developed for protecting the joints and providing maximum freedom of movement. The purpose of this up until now unique system is to dampen the smaller or larger tuggings acting on the dog and the person, thereby protecting the joints.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the harness can be adjusted by hook & loop fasteners quickly and accurately according to the dog’s build and size. Generally, the lower chest pad gets dirty more easily, therefore, it is advisable to remove it from the harness and clean it separately from time to time.

Main features:

  • Built-in joint-friendly elastic elements located in three places on the harness, all of which come into action gradually, depending on the force applied
  • Easy to put on and take off, using simple buckles on both sides
  • All straps on the harness are adjustable and openable
  • Bag and torch attachment options are available for the saddle part
  • Reflective and phosphorescent elements (i.e. glowing in the dark) are available for high visibility
  • Replaceable labels can be placed on the saddle part
  • 2019 Red Dot Award-winning design and colour scheme
  • User's Guide
    Chest circumference
    Neck circumference
    49-66 cm / 19.3-25.9 in
    38-46 cm / 14.9-18.1 in
    9-15 kg / 19.8-33 lbs
    56-76 cm / 22-29.9 in
    38-54 cm / 14.9-21.2 in
    14-20 kg / 30.8-44.1 lbs
    66-86 cm / 25.9-33.8 in
    43-60 cm / 16.9-23.6 in
    16-22 kg / 35.2-48.5 lbs
    70-96 cm / 27.5-37.7 in
    50-70 cm / 19.6-27.5 in
    20-28 kg / 44.1-61.7 lbs
    XL Long
    70-96 cm / 27.5-37.7 in
    50-70 cm / 19.6-27.5 in
    26-35 kg / 57.3-77.1 lbs
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    An excellent product for older dogsReview by Edward
    Overall rating
    Bought this harness for my aging dog. Works wonderful together with a elastic leash. Well Done with this product, Julius K9. (Posted on 20/07/2019)

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