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The members of the sleeve collection are developed in three different hardness. By the summer of 2015 they wrote themselves into the history of the company as the top models of JULIUS-K9®. The developers put a great emphasis on quality materials and developed the equipment with great care to provide many years of use.

The leather cover of the grip surface and the inner foam material are designed for heavy duty use. The comfort and movability of the forearm becomes really evident during work. The hardness of the grip surface is shown by the color of the shoulder protector as well. The blue shoulder protector indicates the extra soft version, the red the medium-hardversion and the black the hard version. The red and blue have straight grip surface.

General features

  • extra elbow and handle lining
  • straight blade part
  • textile lining at the blade part to limit the elongation of the leather


  • soft bite surface
  • bite surface with inner textile reinforcement
  • blue shoulder protector and forearm closing element
  • extra soft impact area at the blade part


  • bite surface with inner textile
  • red shoulder protector and forearm closing element
  • leather cover subjected to tensile test
  • extra soft impact area at the blade part


  • extra flexible bite surface with multiple inner reinforcement
  • textile lining at the blade part to limit the elongation of the leather
  • black shoulder protector and forearm closing element
  • leather cover subjected to tensile test
  • impact area with foam at the blade edge

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Additional Information

SKU 145K9-2015


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Dogs prone to allergies may suffer skin irritation from equipment that directly contact the skin, despite that the materials used by JULIUS-K9® DO NOT contain irritant ingredients. In case of allergy symptoms it is advised that you remove the equipment from the dog and disinfect the equipment by regularly hand washing and drying it. In case of recurrence of skin irritation try to avoid typically allergen food and ask for veterinary assistance.

It is prohibited to leave an animal alone while tied up.

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