Phosphorescent custom patch
small | 1 piece

White luminescent label on black base

  • The wishlabels do not come in pairs!

  • Making takes usually 2 weeks

  • Please always write the text correctly, after placing the order, we are not able to change, refund or cancel it!

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Product Description


Label Size: 110 x 30 mm / 4.3 x 1.2 inches (small)
Colour: Black label with white phosphorescent text

With our unique label, you can make your dog harness individual. You just have to find out a text and put it on your dog harness! The unique labels, which can be fixed on the label field with hook & loop strap.

Please pay attention that the wishlabel does not come in pairs and the making takes usually 2 weeks. If the order contains other items the whole package is going to be shipped with a delay!

The small patches are suitable for the following products:

  • IDC® Powerharness Baby 2, Mini-mini, Mini, 0
  • IDC® Color & Gray belt harness Mini-mini, Mini, 0
  • K9® Powerharness Baby 2, Mini-mini, Mini, 0
  • IDC® Powerharness with side rings all size
  • IDC® Multifunctional dog vest 3in1 all size
  • IDC® neoprene dog jacket all size
  • Mantrailing/Outdoor dog harness all size
  • Therapy dog harness all size
  • Color & Gray Collar with closable handle all size
  • K-9® Unit short vest all size
  • K-9® Unit vest all size
  • K9® Dobermann dogsport vest all size
  • K-9® Sports Sack
  • K9® Training skirt
  • IDC® Universal side bag all size
  • Side bag for IDC® Powerharness size 0

Important parameters for your order:

  • The text could contain maximum 20 characters (spaces included!)
  • The text shouldn’t be against ethic rules
  • The text shouldn’t be a patented trade name

White colored label on black base (162-LRW-G-W, 162-LRW-K-W) Julius-K9 custom patch - CLEAR WHITE

  • non-luminescent, non-reflective
  • Arial Black font type
  • text in small and big sizes maximum 20 characters
  • it may contain icon but only in color white
  • No optional colors are available
  • available in pieces

Silver colored and reflective label on black base (162-LRW-G-S, 162-LRW-K-S)Julius-K9 custom patches - SILVER

  • non-luminescent, reflective
  • Arial Black font type
  • text in small and big sizes maximum 20 characters
  • it may contain either icon or symbol but only in color silver
  • available in pieces

 Phosphorescent label on black base (162-LRW-G-L, 162-LRW-K-L) White luminescent label

  • phosphorescent - glows in dark
  • Arial Black font type
  • text in small and big sizes maximum 20 characters
  • it may contain either symbol or icon, but only in the same color as the title
  • available in pieces

Only words that have been told can be understood

Patent office registration number:
German DE202010016545 U1
Austrian GM 777/2010
German DE202011107585 U1

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Additional Information

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