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Custom manufactured product, the delivery time takes approximately 8 weeks if not otherwise stated.
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Elastic, safe and practical - these are the most important features of this jacket. Made of a special material, it’s a unique combination of cotton and nylon, well padded. It’s comfortable to grab for the dogs, and protects the handler from even the smallest injuries, so both of them can work safe on the maximum level of concentration. The arm protector part is especially strong and wide.

The use of pressure distributing arm protector is recommended.

Custom manufactured product, please fill the size form to order. Delivery time: 8 weeks.

For your order you should specify the following dimensions:

  • A - Height (weight)
  • B - Shoulder width
  • B1 - Length from the neck to the shoulder tips
  • C - Inner leg length
  • D* - Outer arm length (straightened)
  • D1* - Outer arm length to the wrist (slightly curved )
  • E - Waist size
  • F - Bust size
  • G - Armpit to hip length
  • H - Length around the elbow
  • I - Hip size
  • J - Thigh girth (widest)
  • K - Knee to ankle length
  • L - Calf girth
  • M - Ankle girth

Please pay attention to measure correctly! If the clothing doesn't fit you because of incorrect measuring, we can't pay the costs of repairing.

You can use our products at your own risk. If you use them in ways other than originally intended we can't assume responsibility for any injuries.

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