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Puppy sleeve

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Product Description


After training with a teasing tug and a bite tug, the size of the tool, which imitates the prey, can be increased. In 2015 as an addition to a wide range of bite wedges the JULIUS-K9® puppy sleeve (extra flexible bite wedge equipped with a shoulder protector) was developed. It can be an ideal reward for your 6-8-month old dog. Whilst wearing it, in addition to maximum comfort, it allows the trainer to perform playful tug-of-war and sleeve training. When it is hold with the wooden handle the sleeve is great for “swinging” training.

Due to its inner plastic reinforcement the sleeve is super lightweight and at the same time amazingly stable and bite-resistant. These sleeves are available with covers, made of cotton/nylon or jute fabrics made by JULIUS-K9®. The size of the prey is increased for the dog with the size of the shoulder protector. Made of a soft material.

Neither the weight nor the size of the sleeve causes a problem for the dog to carry the prey as a reward. Its weight distribution is symmetrical,encouraging the dog to grab and to hold it at the middle.

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