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JK9®Duoplay Antibacterial Ball

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Product Description


JK9®Duoplay Antibacterial Ball

The latest product innovation: the antibacterial dog toy

The antimicrobial version of the highly successful JK9®Duoplay ball has arrived! Many dogs use urban dog parks, as they are popular meeting and playtime locations for urban dog keepers and their four-legged companions. Because of this, our pets’ toys are increasingly being exposed to various microbes. To help in reducing contamination Julius-K9® has developed the JK9®Duoplay Antibacterial ball.

Do you also belong to the team of responsible owners? Choose the JK9®Duoplay Antibacterial!

What makes this ball so special?

The specially shaped JK9®Duoplay is both a ball and a tug toy. The goal is to play together either indoors or out. It’s made of natural rubber, which is practically indestructible yet gentle on the teeth. With its flexible grip, playtime is even more exciting, and thanks to its shape serves as perfect “prey” for your dog. A special ingredient was added to the antibacterial JK9®Duoplay ball during the manufacturing process. This additive inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi that get on the surface of the ball, making the toy more hygienic.

How does it work?

The antimicrobial ingredient is mixed into the material during production. This prevents abrasion from its surface and provides maximum antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the product. The antimicrobial additive works through the silver ions it contains. The natural antimicrobial effect of silver was recognized thousands of years ago. The special ingredient binds to the cell wall of the bacteria to prevent them from growing, disrupting the activity of enzymes and also preventing them from multiplying.

The antimicrobial additives are supported by the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) and approved by both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Features of the JK9®Duoplay Antibacterial Ball (small and large):

  • Recommended for dogs under 15 kg

  • 14 cm long, neon coloured fluorescent handle

  • 7,5 cm long, natural caoutchouc ball

  • Widest point: 6,5 cm

  • Narrowest point: 3,5 cm

  • Recommended for dogs over 15 kg

  • 15 cm long, neon coloured fluorescent handle

  • 9,5 cm long, natural caoutchouc ball

  • Widest point: 7,5 cm

  • Narrowest point: 4,5 cm

This item can only be used for mutual playtime and training.
Never leave your dog unattended to avoid any harm.

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