CAT-KILLER - small

The manufactured patches are shipped in pairs.
Qty 1 = one pair.
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Patches on stock from the inventor - since 1997

Label Size: 4.3 x 1.2 inches / 110 x 30 mm
Colour: Black label with white fluorescent text

These white light emitting attachable labels for your harness allow others to see the status of your dog, such as if it's a guide dog, sniffer dog, security dog or even if they should pet it or not. Fun labels are also available, such as 'Girl Power' and 'Hero'.

For all types of harnesses you will get a free JULIUS-K9® hook & loop patch. So you will get the most popular harness of Europe, with a glowing (phosphorescent) brand patch. As the patch is fixed by hook & loop, it is easy to put it on any textile surfaces, i.e. bags, vests, uniforms.

You can replace the phosphorescent patches with English or international text labels of your choice.

Suitable for the following products:

  • IDC®Longwalk Y-Harness all size
  • IDC® Powerharness Baby 1, Baby 2, Mini-mini, Mini, 0
  • Hard Dog Race® Y-harness all size
  • IDC® Powair summer harness 3XS, 2XS, XS, S, M
  • IDC® Color & Gray® belt harness Mini-mini, Mini, 0
  • K9® Powerharness Baby 2, Mini-mini, Mini, 0
  • IDC® Powerharness with Side Rings all size
  • IDC® Powerharness with Security Lock size 0
  • IDC® Multifunctional dog vest 3in1 all size
  • IDC® neoprene dog jacket all size
  • Mantrailing Y-harness all size
  • Color & Gray Collar with closable handle all size
  • K-9® Unit short vest all size
  • K-9® Unit vest all size
  • K9® Training skirt all size
  • IDC® Universal bag all size
  • Side bag for IDC® Powerharness size 0

Only words that have been told can be understood

Patent office registration number:
German DE202010016545 U1
Austrian GM 777/2010
German DE202011107585 U1

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