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The most versatile dog harness from Julius-K9® has been renewed

The JK9® Multifunctional 3in1 Dog Jacket, which can be used as a rehabilitation harness, swim vest, cooling vest and dog coat, has undergone a number of innovations, both inside and out.

Julius-K9® is constantly evolving, whether it's new products or improvements to proven models. One of the renewed products for 2022 is the award-winning 3in1 Dog Jacket,
which is a useful tool for both winter and summer months, as well as for dogs with limited mobility.

As the name suggests, the JK9® Multivest is suitable for several different purposes. Thanks to its floating foam pads, it can serve as a swim vest that helps your dog stay afloat.
It insulates well when dry during winter weather and can be used as a dog jacket too. In the summer, it also functions as a cooling vest by removing the floating foam pads and then dipping the jacket into water.
Last but not least, it can be used as a rehabilitation harness. The handle on the back and the additional rear strap allows for stable lifting at two points,
so the dog’s spine stays straight, and lifting is safer for both the dog and the owner.

The JK9® Multivest is made of a special 3D mesh material that cools the dog when dipped in water (without the floating foam pads) but dries quickly when removed from the dog.
The new shape of the harness adapts even better to the dog’s body and putting it on has also become easier by readjusting the buckles at the neck and abdomen.
With the optimization of the lifting point and the additional rear strap at the hind legs, lifting the dog has also become easier.

  1. As a dog jacket: it keeps your dog warm during the winter and cools them when dipped into water during the summer

  2. As a swim vest: it helps the dog stay afloat

  3. As a cooling vest: made of a special 3D mesh material that cools the dog when dipped into water (without the floating foam pads)

  4. As a rehabilitation harness: with the additional back strap, lifting the dog has become easier Excellent for hydrotherapeutic purposes

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