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Dog pick-up bag and holder


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Product Name Price Qty
Plastic holder for dog pick-up bags + 1 roll
Dog pick-up bag - 4 pcs

Product Description


Be a responsible owner and clean up after your dog!

Holder and bag

A plastic holder with 1 roll of lavender-scented dog dirt bags

An indispensable accessory for careful owners, easy to attach to a bag, belt, or the harness or leash of the dog, so it will always be at hand when needed.
The bone shaped plastic holder comes with 1 roll of dog dirt bags. The roll includes 15 large lavender-scented bags with perforated edge.

Features of the holder:

  • easy to attach by a plastic carabiner
  • one end of the bone shape is easy to detach – so it is quick and simple to refill
  • individual bags can be removed from the holder
  • contains 1 roll of 15 large bags


The box contains 4 rolls of large dog dirt bags to easily and quickly refill your plastic holder. 1 roll includes 15 lavender-scented bags with perforated edge.


  • 4 rolls, 15 bags/roll
  • bag size: 22x32 cm
  • perforated edge - easy to separate
  • lavender scent
  • strong, non-transparent material

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